Outfit No. 27 – S’20

Is there anything more comfortable and cozy than jumpsuits? Until it is warm enough you can easily wear a jersey or tulle long sleeve shirt underneath!

– Sweat jumpsuit with a long zipper by Rundholz
– Basic long sleeve shirt made of super elastic jersey and a low neckline by Gix

P.S. In case you were wondering why the model presents all the outfits barefoot: Like us, many of you probably have to work from home at the moment instead of going to work. Therefore, we would like to present the most comfortable and most casual outfits for at home in the next blog posts and since you usually don’t wear shoes at home we decided to photograph our model barefoot as well. The outfits still look great in socks and house shoes, though. The sandals ‘Zigzag’ or the half open shoes ‘Plunge’ (both by Trippen and available in our shop) are also perfect and comfortable shoes for at home until we can finally wear them again outside of the house this summer!

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