Lyocell – Material details

Lyocell belongs to the group of chemical fibres of cellulosic origin (more information in the article about chemical fibres). It is a fairly new and natural fibre which is only available since the 1990s.

Lyocell’s production process is much more environmentally friendly than the one of viscose or modal since it works with organic solvents which are reused in a closed cycle.

Properties of lyocell:
– White and very shiny
– Good to colour
– Highest tear resistance when dry
– Good moisture absorption (same as viscose)
– Crinkles easily and is not very elastic
– Biodegradable
– Soft
– Smooth and cool feel
– Flowing fabrics
– Releases moisture quickly
– Washable at 60 degrees (please still pay attention to care tag)
– Temperature regulating (warms like wool and cools like linen)
– Allergy friendly

Abbreviation on care tag: CLY, brand name for example Tencel

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