Lofina: An Interview with Lise-Lotte Svenninggaard

After a summer break we have a new interview and finally new Lofina shoes for you in our online shop!

The Danish family business Lofina was founded in 1996 by the couple Lise-Lotte and Morten Svenninggard. Today they work together with their two daughters, Sisse and Sofie and design handcrafted, extravagant and very comfortable shoes that are produced in a small family owned fabric in Italy.

We asked Lise-Lotte, the company’s designer and founder, a few questions 🙂


What inspires you?

My surroundings inspires me the most, especially the sea, where I feel like everything seems more positive.

What does the color black mean to you?

The color black is like the rainbow. It just suits everything.

How do you become a designer / which profession did you learn?

I have never considered myself as a designer, even though I have done the design of all our collection in more than ten years. For me it is more like a process happening than just a title.

Cut, fabric or just an idea? What is the starting point of your work?

There is really no starting point nor ending to the process – it is ongoing always and everywhere.

Do you think trends are important?

I think they are important as a pinpoint, so we don’t get stucked in the same ideas. As important as trends is, I really feel being true to your own style is the most important.

What else, beside fashion, would you like to create / have you already created?

I do not consider our shoes as only fashion. For me making shoes is the same as making comfort and grounding to our customers. My saying has always been “life is too short to poorly fitting shoes.”



Dear Lise-Lotte, thank you very much for taking the time for our interview 🙂

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