Black by k&m: An Interview with Myra and Klaes

Black by k&m – have you ever wondered what “k&m” means? It stands for the two owners and designers Klaes and Myra. We always meet Myra and her team at the trade fair to write our order and it is just totally fascinating what a cheerful, energetic power woman she is 🙂 Her husband, however, is not at the trade fairs and so the new interview also gives us many new insights into the world behind the black by k&m brand.

With these interviews we like to bring the people behind the brands in our online shop a closer and you get the chance to get to know them a bit better.
Because for us the interpersonal relationship at the fairs and the almost family atmosphere is what we appreciate the most and it is one of the most beautiful sides of our work.

Enjoy reading 🙂



Is fashion for you craft or art?


The one does not go without the other. Making a work of art requires true craftsmanship. Skills are essential. Your mind can explode from inspiration, but you need the tools, skills and persistence to transform it into a good result.
And vice versa. The result of any form of good craftsmanship is a work of art. That can be a good wine, a good dish or a brand new collection.


What inspires you?


Inspiration is everywhere. Often it emerges when and where you least expect it. It is fair to say that we are inspired by nature, music, poetry and art.

A local beach or the waves of Portugal, where we have our production. A random ray of light. A graffiti in the Paris streets. The lyrics of a song from the eighties. All these elements of inspiration show itself to everyone. We have no secret source of inspiration. The difference is being made in what one does with it. How does one transform all this input into a design and a product? Don’t ask! Leave it up to the combination of passion, magic and hard work. A lot of hard work.


Cut, fabric or just an idea? What is the starting point of your work?


A design is often a unique mix up of coincidences. From there we take the idea to form, fabric and details. There is no blueprint for this process.  


How do you become a designer / which profession did you learn?


Let us put it this way: “Becoming a designer” was a matter of embracing the things that came on our path. We took it from there. We can describe it best as a “natural transition”. Now we are almost 15 years on our journey of building a brand, which has actually become our way of life.

With our educations in cooking and hotel management we did not see that coming.


What does the colour black mean to you?


Black is often associated with darkness. Our focus is not on darkness. Like every form of live, our products need the light to come to life. Black is essentially about extracting the unnecessary. Black is a colour that leaves space for imagination and wearing it puts you in the position to be either the explorer or the object of exploration. For us black is more a desire, a bewildered reflection in search of light.


What else, beside fashion, would you like to create / have you already created?


With our passions for food, drinks and celebrating life we could imagine that, at some point we open a conceptual bar at a Portugal beach. But no actual plans yet, just dreams. But a dream is a good start.




Thank you really much Myra and Klaes for a view behind your work and thoughts and the great picture 🙂

• The new black by k&m collection •


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