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Nina and Vroni, mother and daughter, two women enthusiastic about fashion, mostly dressed in black. They are sharing their enthusiasm for very special fashion and good service. Two generations, two different markets, boutique and online, an owner-operated business and more and more well dressed people all around the world.

On our blog we show you new outfit inspirations, inform you about our events and give you things that inspire us in our life at select mode online!

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Black by k&m: An Interview with Myra and Klaes

Interview mit black by k&m

Black by k&m - have you ever wondered what "k&m" means? It stands for the two owners and designers Klaes and Myra. We always meet Myra and her team at the trade fair to write our order and it is just totally fascinating what a cheerful, energetic power woman she is :) Her husband, however, is not at the trade fairs and so the new interview also gives us many new insights into the world behind the black by k&m brand! Let's start with our first question: "Is fashion for you craft or art??"...

Studio b3: Interview with Paulina Blachura

Interview with Studio b3

Not the least among the most beautiful aspects of our work ist to be in such a close contact with the companies and designers themselves and come to know each other on such good therms. Its a kind of a familiar vibe, we are working together sometimes for decades and it is always a great pleasure to meet each other at the fairs, commute and to get excited about the newest collections.

That is why we came up with the idea to conduct little interviews with the creative heads to give you a better understanding whats happening behind the scenes of a new collection.

Today we start with an interview with Paulina Blachura, the owner and one of the two Designers of studio b3. Have fun :) and : “ What does the color black mean to you?“...